Friday, October 12, 2012

If trade you must

Time flies. Can't believe I  went hibernating for more than 1 month. I mean literally shut down the whole world.  To kill boredom, I did a few trades here and there. Alam Maritim is doing quite okay and I think the momentum is just picking up. At $ 0.61 is a bit overbought but it might move upward towards $ 0.63 before taking a pause. That is probably the last train you should catch when it pulls back.

There is another stock that you might want to watch closely. Genting is being squeeze closer and closer within a very confine triangle. At some point of time, it should do only 1 or 2 thing. Explosive breakout or breakdown. Obviously you know that I am alluding you to a potential explosive breakout! It may try to climb back to RM 10. This might be the next stock leader to push KLCI to another all time high! If it breaks down from the double bottom, you must pull the trigger and KILL THE TRADE!!!!!!!!

Good luck if trade you might want to consider.