Saturday, April 30, 2011

Advice to young graduates - II

Continue from where I left off yesterday. One of most difficult decisions faced by a new graduate is walking a thin line of taking too long(or label as choosy) to land on the right company, right boss, right sector and etc OR rush into marriage of convenient(don't ends up like Lady Di). In real life, it's not that easy to find enough information to make that kind of decision. Unless you try or else your odds will never be improved.

The obvious easy decision to make is joining reputable companies like Petronas, Public Bank, Maybank, IBM, Intel, Earnst and Yong, etc. These are blue chips but to climb the ladder, competitions will be tough. You could end up as a small fish in a big pond. However, it will the place to sharpen yourself before moving on. What you learn there is transferable.

The second easier decision to make is to be a big fish in a small pond. Joining big companies that have a small operations in Malaysia either it's a stock market research outfit, representative offices of GE, Google, Microsoft, Bank of China, ICBC, etc.....

The next not so difficult decision to make is joining entrepreneur/family owned but create a very professional environment to work. There are a number of good public listed companies (I will try to avoid naming them so that I will not be accused of giving free advertising).

The more difficult decision is joining a reasonable size company(RM 200-300 mln and above) but control by family. Whether we like it or not, blood is thicker than water, at some point of time you got to realize that top posts will not be available to "outsider". Some of them may not want to share power but they share some of their wealth -- compensation could be generous. Those with strong opinion will not be happy to work in this kind of environment.

The more difficult decision but pay off could be good is joining bright start up company. Being a pioneer, you may earn some "seniority", learn a lot about entrepreneurship and if you are lucky you may share some of sweat equity. If you aim to be your own boss some day in the future. This could be an easy decision.

The rest of the companies that I would avoid at all cost will be small family business, selling credit cards, cars, etc. It's a pity I see these guys wasted 1 - 2 years of their time. There are no skills to be horned there and it's not transferable.

One of the critical points during interview you have to determine is whether your boss and you can have a good chemistry working together. You may also want to assess his/her personality. Whether you like it or not, after she or he hired you, some level of biasness will come in either in or not in favor of you. If she or he and you can be "buddy", you will get good assignments, special attention to see you through the ladder climbing and etc. This is absolutely important if you are joining a consulting company. Looking back I was lucky to have many good bosses. They were there either I accomplished big things or I made a big screw up.

I'm not going to talk a lot about interview here. You can read it somewhere but remember this trick. In the interview, you can ask them the company financial performance or their strategy. From their tone, you should be able to judge whether they are financially stable, have a clear growth plan and etc. Just ask them questions that you would before buying some company shares.

Never do this. Do you any questions for me, asked the interviewer. You replied, nothing. Nothing equals Zero curiosity.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Advice to young graduates --- I

The market is still climbing the wall of worries now. So I'll still leave the market alone.

I've been posting some personal finance topics for most of this month and the response seems to be encouraging. I'm thinking may be I should do one to two more postings before I move on to some other themes. In less than 30 days, there will be a new batch of graduates coming to the job market. Congratulations to all new graduates. After years of hardwork you're finally on your path to achieve your financial freedom.

Over the years, I've seen all kind of young kids - some are ambitious and some are less. Some are from less fortunate family and some are from comfortable and a few from well to do family and probably one or two rotten kids.

I've seen some are with clear goal in life and of course, there will be some are taking things for granted. Some will want more responsibilities and some will avoid them perpetually.

I've seen some are full of common sense but just an average kid in school. I've seen some are excellent students but less down to the earth -- talking theoretical risk all the time(1 in 30 billion light years for example). I've seen some are really good kids - smart student and able to connect to the real world(these are the one I'll put them on the fast track).

I've seen some are wiling to bang their heads, dare to fail so to speak. Some will just waiting for their bosses to hold their hands.

Our biasness will tell us that those have clear goal, driven, resourceful, persistent and whole bunch of good qualities will succeed in life. Not necessary though, if you're working for the wrong company or wrong sector. However, those with attributes of "tidak apa", wait to be told, too gun shy, living on mum and dad's "foundation money", etc are doom to fail.

Like companies, some small companies will remain as micro-cap or small-cap over 20-30 years though they are well managed. That's because either they're sitting in their comfort zone for too long or they are in the wrong environment. Or their business is just not scalable. Or some made wrong choices going into too many unrelated business.

Like stock market, they don't care how hard you've worked or how much homework you've done, it is not necessary that your returns will be guaranteed.

After "loh-sor"(mumbling and babbling) for the whole morning, what's my point? If you are good, make sure you match your asset with the right company, right sector, right boss or else you will have a painful start. If you think you are happy go lucky - most likely you will not be reading this post - the 8th wonder of the world have just worked against you.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why I bought a house?

I need to be careful with the choice of words in this entry so that I can share enough for the benefits of many yet it does not sound boastful. The title of why I bought a house may makes many think I finally bought my first house. Well, not exactly. It's an upgrade actually. I bought my first house two years after I came out from school. That was my first priority. All I did was saved and saved enough for my down payment. Believe it or not, income tax department went after me asking me how I got my down payment money. I graciously wrote to them explaining how frugal I was. Well, again not exactly. I was thankful that my father-in-law allowed both us stay in a small room and loaned me his 27 years old workhorse to work. The logic behind that priority was my salary will never be able to chase the inflation of house.

Now, in the middle of many debating about housing bubble in Penang, answer this question: Why are you Turtle upgrade your house? It was during last year, May '10, the recovery was very shaky and uncertainty clouded developers, buyers and banks. I love uncertainty because people tend to misprice the future valuation. Many buyers were in wait and see mode because they were not sure whether the recovery was real. I' ve been eyeeing a particular house and finally the moment arrived. The developer reduced price by almost 7% with free legal fees. That alone saved me almost RM 100 k. Not only I was enjoying a substantial saving but also rewarded with higher certainty -- the progress of the housing was well on track. Good discount and higher certainty were too good to pass.

Secondly, the banks were still facing intense price war. Right after I put down by booking fees, 4 major banks called me. That was fun because many years ago, I need to beg banks to loan me money. Now I can pit against them to get the best deal.

One of the things that I learn is this, years of being conservative paid off. I've ZERO debt at that point except a couple of hundred Ringgits undue credit card outstanding. That clean credit really attracted them believing that I can be their good customer. They gave me an excellent discount from BLR. To be professional, I can't disclose that rate. All I can say it's as low as crisis period. That discount again will save me a substantial amount of money.

The interest saving that I locked in will certainly way below the house inflation rate which is appreciating within 7 - 9 % over the mainland. If my final aim is to stay at certain size after retirement. It's cheaper to own it now. I can compound my money much faster than loan interest, though I'm leveraged now.

Back to the interest expense relief thing. We had a few chats in comments section. So to be fair to all, let me requote this for all. One of the most frequent ask questions is how to get relief from income tax on interest expense. This is what they said:

"4. What are the conditions to claim deduction on housing loan interest?

Interest expended to finance purchase of residential property. Relief of up to RM10,000 a year for three consecutive years from the first year the interest is paid.
Subject to the following conditions:
i) the taxpayer is a Malaysian citizen and a resident;

ii) limited to one residential unit;

iii) the sale and purchase agreement is signed between 10th March 2009 and 31st December 2010; and

iv) the residential property is not rented out."

Depending on your tax bracket, the Income Tax department could give you a big ang pow of 30,000 relief over a period of 3 years. That could translate into a maximum saving of RM 7,800.

The last point was of course it's natural that you buy something solid to prevent you from doing something stupid with your gains from stock market. That's why housing market appreciation and stock market have almost 70% correlation. I'm grateful that I got out almost at perfect timing before the hurricane and bought enough stocks when I saw blood on the streets.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weighing the odds

It's has been a while I did not talk about stock markets. Some of you may think that I've turned bearish. But if you look at my money portfolio, I still stay highly invested. There has been some discomfort level for many people. They took some or a lot money off the table. That is completely understandable because since March 09, 09 till April 26, this bull run is already 787 days old. Has it got more legs to run? Let me borrow 2 charts from bespoke(I made some notes for you to digest).

First the raw data for you to see.

Let me summarize them again. Basically, there are 26 bulls since 1928.

Almost half of the bulls get killed in less than 1 year. If the bulls managed to extend their runs more than 1 year, there is a good chance that another half of them will extend to more than 3 years. Wow! That's a very good odd. That's good but since we already gone past 778 trading days, what is the chance statistically it can extend to another 1 year? We have 1/3 chance.

Looking purely at the numbers without knowing the driving force behind it is not very wise. Let's look at the critical ones. We have all kind of events driving the bulls. But we are only interested in the long bull run. In the 50-60s, The world was in need of rebuilding after WWII. The excesses came in, got corrected in 73-74 bear market. But environment was even tougher due to low growth and persistent high inflation in the mid 70s to early 80s -- but surprisingly the bulls had incredible runs. The world went into adjustment period when Volker hunted down the inflation. After Volker got the job done, tame inflation in early 80s drove the market highers. The longest bull runs was from the early nineties when we have globalization and a period of low inflation plus easy monetary policy. We got severe declined in 2007 - 2009. It was not a very long winter but the degree and the speed of decline got a lot of people killed.

What kind of environment are we getting now?

Global growth is still there? Yes but some worries over China is slowing down. But we can live with lower growth. No recession in sight.

Easy monetary is still there? Checked, no problem.

Inflation is still low? Yes, but this baby inflation will soon turn into rebellious teen with 7 colors on her hair.

Corporate profits still good? So far so good.

Final analysis. Every time the world gone into shock mode, the authorities tend to be cautious and most likely adopting a looser monetary policy. That is normally pro-growth. I'm leaning a strong vote this bull run should run for another 1 year. The question however, are we going to see a deep correction in the next few months? We had one mild pull back recently but I need to start work now. So let me think over this topic over the next long weekend.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So Malaysian

Guys, Gals. Sorry for my long absenteeism. In the world of blog, 2 - 3 days absent are considered very long. I'm extremely busy lately as I'll be moving to a new house soon. (I'll write an entry some day in the future why I bought a house last year. In short, the main reasons are low interest rate, income tax exemption on interest expenses, "good value" and good stock market return :--)

I've no idea it takes up so much time but I enjoy doing it. I've pretty good idea of what the interior of my new house going to look like and now working on my garden. I went around Penang to take plant photos so that I can have good idea what plants to be in my garden.

Of many places, I went to Botanica garden yesterday and was shocked to see the place is getting more and more popular but is getting more and more runs down. We are talking about a major tourist attraction here(1 - 2 million visitors/year?). OMG, the fountain at formal garden dry up and yet we are talking about making a largest water lily garden in the world. I am so ashamed when I look at the face of foreign visitors, here we claim we want to make the greatest, the biggest yet the smallest fountain dries up.

I was already sweating and wet my whole shirt walking in the morning and finally reached a few sections of caged plants. Don't ask why it was caged. The reason is embarrassing enough but alamak, caged houses turned into bushes. My red face already red turned even "red-er". I am very sure I look like a red cooked lobster that morning. Very malu again.

I wanted to design a small corner of my garden to be a bit of Zen plus cacti, "Cacti-Zen concept". So a caged cacti house interest me, certainly. But those cacti look so sick -- pale, "under nutritional", skinny like supermodel minus the sex appeal. Guan Eng, yes - I call you by name, please do something. I'm sure you can do a better job. Call up whoever in charge and demand for accountability!

What I found Malaysians are lack of entrepreneurial spirits and keep complaining lack of funds. Instead of just turning the place of selling ice cream, teh-tarik and few coconut drinks, they need more creative ideas of turning into first class SPA, mini-golf, restaurants and etc. If you can get RM 50 per visitor, that will turn into RM 100 million/year recurring revenue. It's so Malaysian again -- infected by subsidy mentality and lacking of execution culture.

So Malaysian. As usual, the writer will complain and the authority will just ignore. I've made a long list of what went wrong but those photos "eat" up my photo upload quota but I hope with limited highlights, my message is already getting through.

Mama said after you reprimand somebody, you need to remind them that they are good people and say something nice. Surprisingly, their seeding backyard look the best.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Would you retire in the US, if Ringgit is at parity with the dollar?

If US dollar continues to slide and going parity with Ringgit Malaysia, RM 1 million will be equivalent to USD 1 million. Will you retire in the US? But then I am not sure whether in USD terms, a decent family house in Montana will still cost US $ 300 k and a Porshe still cost US $ 100 k. If it is, will you retire in US? I probably would especially with the on-going development in this country - saying one thing but doing another thing.

By then, I can enjoy fishing, doing stargazing at night, probably singing a few of The Sound of Music songs, organize barbecue with family, etc. It's good for our souls.

But then I will still will not sell my house in Malaysia. I will probably fly back here if I don't like the winter too much. Doing a bit of medical check up. Going down town enjoying my Kopi O, Char Koey Teow, Penang laksa, roti canai, nasi lemak, etc.....

I think you know where I'm leading you --- enjoy best of the both worlds. You may begin to detect my changing tone on Malaysia. Yeah, you give so much but not getting the desired results, born and hope (close to buy and hold) is almost dead, cutting loss is completely justifiable.

I met with Malaysian friends during this trip. Yeah they heard about 15% income tax and other things to lure them back to Malaysia. I guess you know the answer, forget it. Your government(they are US citizens now) has no credibility. What makes you think they will not make a U turn policy in the middle of no where? No matter how hard we work, how much taxes we pay, your government will still mis-use the funds, so what is the point going back? No matter how hard we work, the Ali-Baba system will still be there. Ah Chong will work like a cow, Ahxxx will sit down to enjoy all the benefits without laying a single finger, do you think it is fair? outlook begin to change now --- especially looking at the beautiful scenery that I can enjoy. Have a nice weekend.

P.S. We are closer to Sell in May, Go Away period, traditionally it's a volatile period. I will have more views on stock markets when I have time to think about them over the weekend.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

S&P cuts U.S. rating outlook to negative and my thoughts

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Standard & Poor’s cut its ratings outlook on the U.S. to negative from stable on Monday, lighting a fire under Washington’s deficit-reduction debate and sending stock markets sharply lower.

The rating agency effectively gave Washington a two-year deadline to enact meaningful change, just days after House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and President Barack Obama each outlined their plans for slashing debt. S&P nonetheless kept its highest rating, AAA, on the U.S.

Ratings selloff isn’t bear market start
The sharp selloff in stocks after Standard & Poor's cut its outlook on U.S. ratings doesn't signal the start of a bear market, says Max Bublitz, chief strategist at SCM Advisors. If stocks were really near a top, markets would have shrugged off the news. MarketWatch's Laura Mandaro reports.

Relative to triple-A-rated peers, the U.S. has very large budget deficits and rising government indebtedness, and the path to addressing those issues is unclear, S&P analysts said.

This is a piece of very old news(anything more than 24 hours in the digital space is considered old). After reoriented myself with different time zones and caught up with backlog, I finally got a chance to blog.

I have not been to United States for about 4-5 years. The last time I went there, I was not impressed at all as many airports were run down. I never stopped praising how good were Asian airports(Changi, Shanghai, Suvarnambhumi, KLIA, Hong Kong, Chiang Kai Shek, etc......). This time was much different, the airports were super modern and the aesthetic was, in my opinion, something Asian have a lot to learn from them. They are still a tough competitor and leading. What I am saying is their innovation and creative culture are still intact, without a doubt man!.

When I hit on the street of silicon valley, Porsche, BMW, Mustang, Camarro, etc flooded the road. These people are so well behaved and would not zigged or zagged like Malaysian rejected or frustrated F1 drivers. That speaks volume of the prosperity and manners.

When I was down in a restaurant with two hands full of plates, struggling to get some muffins on a lidded-shelf, an old lady offered to hold the lid for me. That again speaks volume of caring and thoughtfulness.

My American counterparts still work more than 12 hours/day. They don't mind to drag in the meetings till late night to debate about tough issues. Well Warren Buffett is still working at 80 years old. That again speaks volume of strong work ethics, or perhaps I am bias with such a small sample size.

When I went down to shopping mall, again I could not detect any signs that people were not buying.

When I sit in business meetings, many of the executives will push their operations to expand their business beyond American shores --- go global. Plant businesses all over BRICs. That is true if you look at top American companies, at least 30-40% of their revenue are coming from outside USA.

Warren Buffett said he is super optimistic about the future of Americans because of 300 million people are trying figuring out what they can do better everyday, which is not captured in any of the statistics, am I convinced? Yes to some extend but there are dark clouds gathering over Americans --- too much unfunded liabilities in health care and social security. Some estimated close to 100 trillions, 7 times of their GDP though it is not necessary needs to be payout within short time frame. Yes, many of you are right that the private sector is well and alive but the government is pretty screw up!

Some suggests they need to cut back those promises or raise taxes. To take actions, both are extremely unpopular politically. They need not only determination but big balls. Obama is reforming medi-care and etc, of which I think he is on the right track. To raise taxes? They have done that in past and if things go bad, they may forced to do so.

If the dollar was to crushed to the ground, I believe their private sector will still be able to weather the storm. With the right stock picking skills, many of US stocks are offering a lot of value. So, don't write off the Americans yet! Yeeeee......haaaaa

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sarawak State Election, dissapointed or not, the people has spoken

I'm still on my way home, transiting now. The first thing I did was looking for an Internet to find out the results of Sarawak state election results. Yeah, BN won 2/3. Am I dissapointed? Yes, I'm but then I will have to respect the decision of people. There is no point to speculate whether the ruling party has used dirty tactics or not. If people have not been happy not matter how much they have been "bribed", they will vote against people who do not work for them at the ballots -- just like what they did in 2008. Blame it Sarawak is a big state, not that internet savvy yet or etc, the opposition will need to reflect what went wrong, accept accountability and responsibility. They need to fight again in another day.

Back to stock market, this will remove the over-hang but I'm not sure whether the market will speculate GE will be carried out soon. If they do, it will be market positive.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ruling party going all out?????

Disclaimer: This is a PG13 and 18 SX posting. Please come back another day as content of today's post may offend some readers.

Is our ruling party knows something that we don't? Do they know that they are going to lose in big time and making some last minute ditch, trying to stay afloat? No matter how RPK explains himself, I find it difficult to swallow -- to certain extend insulting my intelligence.
go here

Original Transcript of RPK - Alang Bendahara Interview
.by MCLM on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 11:02pm.Q1: Why make the revelation now, why didn't you correct the media reports soon after your SD came out two years ago?

Actually the SD was signed 3 years ago, not 2 years ago. And it was published the very next day and I was arrested and charged almost immediately.

I have been writing article upon article over the last 3 years saying that I did not make any allegation about Rosmah Mansor and the two Lt Kols husband and wife. What I said was that an informer had informed me about the matter. By the way, have you read my SD yet? I would suspect not, as many who comment do so without reading it. That is why you said 2 years instead of 3. Or else you would have known it was signed in June 2008.

Anyway, is it my job to correct what the mainstream media intentionally distorts? And did anyone from the mainstream media talk to me? Most of the mainstream media actually covered my trials but still they misreported the whole thing.

Are you saying I am to blame for the misdeeds and malicious acts of others? Their job is to whack me and that is what they did. Now, after 3 years of getting whacked, I am whacking back. Is this not my right?

Anyway, the interview was done 2 months ago, not now. People ask me why now, just before the Sarawak elections?

2 months ago there was no confirmation of the Sarawak elections. So when do I do it? After the Sarawak elections? Then, after the Sarawak elections, people will say why now, just before the 13th GE? So I wait until after the 13th GE and people will still ask, why now, just before a by-election?

So when should I do it? After Malaysia bans elections?

Q2: Can you comment on Din Merican's denial that he was involved in the attempt to discredit Rosmah and Najib?

Did I say he was involved? I just asked him to check with Anwar Ibrahim the background of Lt Kol Azmi Zainal Abidin and that was what he did. And he admitted this in his Blog posting. So what is the issue? Why accuse me of something I did not do?

Q3: Aside from your Statutory Declaration, do you have any proof of the involvement of the people you mentioned in the attempt to discredit Najib and Rosmah?

What do you mean by proof? Video recordings of them in towels in a hotel room? Define ‘proof’. Anwar was convicted and sentenced to 15 years jail in 1999 based on testimony. Testimony is proof and that was good enough to sentence Anwar to 15 years jail. My testimony is even better. It is in the form of an SD.

Q4: Now talks on the ground is that your sudden revelation is because you want to return to Malaysia. Your comment?

Talks on the ground is that Najib was caught kalwat in a Port Dickson hotel room. Do you want to ask Najib this? Who cares about talks on the ground? If the government says I am welcome back in Malaysia and I tell the government to go to hell because I love it in the country of my birth what then are you going to say?

And what ‘sudden revelation’? Have you not heard what I said? I have been repeating this again and again over the last 3 years. What’s so sudden about saying the same thing over 3 years? You mean I kept silent the last 3 years and only today I am talking?

Q5: You have also been accused of shifting attention from the Sarawak election with your latest allegation. Your thoughts.

Shifting attention? You really must improve your communication skills because I don’t understand what you mean. I have also been accused of going to church every Sunday and that my wife and I have left Islam to become Catholics.

Do you really think I care what they say? My interview was done before the announcement of the Sarawak elections. Maybe they held the Sarawak elections to shift attention from my interview since my interview came first.

Q6: Where does your loyalty lie now that you have turned the tables against Anwar and the opposition front?

You must be smoking something. Let me know what it is so that I can get some. My loyalty from Day One was always with the rakyat: dulu, kini dan selama-lamanya. Now, which part of the word rakyat don’t you understand?

Raja Petra Kamarudin

Why a teaser like this released over internet? Do you believe the person is Anwar Ibrahim?

I don't like to comment much about politics but what they did certainly keep my blood boiling. Instead of focussing what is best for the people - I want to avoid using Rakyat because it has been over-used and over-abused so badly - they decided to have pissing contests.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Over reactions?

The market reacted negatively for no apparent reasons for the last few days. Up or down is just a natural rhythm of the market. It has been on the upward trend for 3 consecutive weeks, so taking a breather is natural but the degree of people dump stocks is quite severe. Read all over the places -- pundits and investors got a bit worried on coming April 16 pooling. They have good reasons to be worried because when BN did not get the 2/3 majority, Sarawak gave a them a big boost(see picture). Should Sarawakians begin to sway or rather got pissed off and turn their backs in coming GE 2013 or sooner, BN can be in a deep shit. This Saturday results will make a lot of people to extrapolate the results into the next GE results.

Let's see how the market react till this Friday. Should KLC drops below 1,500, the market is already pricing in a possibility that BN will lose in a big time but in reality, the situation may not be as bleak as many people thought.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Will be back soon

Will be away for a while on a business trip. Still having jet lagged, woke up middle of the night starring at the ceiling. Having a bit of spare time, I visited Niagara falls(from Canada side) earlier of the day. The crushing sound of the water falls is at its purest natural audiophile I ever experienced. It was loud, and you are not going to detect the slightest cracking sound. It will evoke all your senses -- physical, emotional and spiritual. That's how majestic God's creation is!

The water is crystal clear. By the way it is not blue color that we mistakenly had in our mind but it's crystal green. Watching the water running through the layer of erosion resistant limestone and dolostone is really an amazing experience.

P.S. I did not take my camera with me so I have to "borrow" an online picture. Having seeing the real one, just like seeing real masters' fine art pieces, the way you look at the picture will never the same again -- it's has life elements in it.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

The US unemployment situation

The US job growth after the recent recession is sharper than post-DotCom bubble. However, the pace of recovery is still way below post-world war II. This development does warrant some interest rate tightening but I doubt it will be very aggressive. Hence, it will be equity friendly.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Turtle Portfolio Update - April 2011

Portfolio return bounced back to above 25%. Cash level is getting closer to 34%, still have some work to do to get it down to 20%. Will not want to get fully invested as I believe the environment will remain volatile and having spare cash will be handy.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Dow Jones Transportation Average Index breaks a new high

After all said and done.......the US at the moment is still the biggest economy in the world. It contributes to about 25% of world GDP. The pick up of the economic activities will have positive effects on to the world despite of some set back in Japan or lower targeted growth in China. Overnight in the US, the Dow Jones Transportation Average broke its previous high in February 18, 2011. The index is measuring a group of stocks that is moving goods. Breaking a new high is reflecting the strength of the US economy. I believe we will soon see a new high in Dow Jones Industrials and S&P 500.

I have been skimming finance blogs and found that most them are quite bearish. I still believe it is too soon to fold. However, I do acknowledge that it is increasingly more difficult to pick stocks or a sector(s). If that is so, buying an index that mimicks the FBM-KLCI will solve our stock picking headache and at the same time give us another decent 10% upside from here. I am planning moving cash back to stock as I believe corrections is coming to a temporary end, in not ended already. Good luck.