Monday, February 23, 2015

Ringgit to USD Chart ...... pray it does not breakout @ MY 3.70 !

MYR closed at 3.64 against USD today. It's getting very close to 2009 level.

We may think that USD is universally getting stronger against a lot of currencies but look this. I do not want to show SGD here because we always have something to say that they are a well managed country. Let's compare to Thailand.....Geez......holidaying in Thailand seems to get much more expensive.

I don't think Ringgit depreciation is driven by poor sentiments or uncertainty caused by 1MDB alone. First almost default on RM 2 billion loand and now rumors are swirling of RM 3 billion cash injection needed.

Something is wrong!

But at the same time, things seem to be quite calm in the bond markets.

Our 10 year yield is still quite stable and I do hope things will be under control. The movement so far has been in locked steps with US 10 year bond yield though there were some spikes that quickly brought back under control.

The divergent is building up. It's really time to be vigilant.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spring Cleaning.........Welcoming Goat Year

Aha.........the good news is I have finally done spring cleaning my house. When I was young, I remembered we all would gathered at grandma house turning her house upside down to make it sparkling clean. We would repaired leaked roof and repainted the gate. Then welcomed a new year.

During those days, it were really special occasions that we get to eat chicken and receiving red packets. 

During those days, red packets were more symbolic gesture of love than money.

The situation is quite different nowadays - the tradition is either disappeared fast or hard laborers of love replaced by maids......sigh.......The situation has also changed due to much smaller family size. In my case, I ended up doing most of the works(without maids).

I finally reached the last and my favorite place today -- my's a place that we tend to throwing in our stuffs or keeping our stuffs promise to deal with it. It's kind of writing IOU. Unfortunately we usually default on our IOU - don't make good on our promises. I finally resolute to make good of my spring cleaning. 

I found there were many things that obsoleted, I mean technologically....So I finally made up my minds to get rid of the ADSL modems  as we had transitioned to Unifi. I found copies and copies of old annual reports and also warranty cards that more than 5 years old. Sorry, those were also finally ended up in a big rubbish bag.

I also had something I really wanted to keep such as this old mobile phone which is more than  17 years old.....Not too sure it will worth a lot of money if I keep it for another 17 years old.

I also have a prized 17" Macbook Pro that was 12 years old. The screen was not in working conditions but it was still one of those stuffs that I wish keep.

Apple MacBook Pro 17in

Fortunately for me this year, when come to investment portfolio, I don't have to work very hard. It looks pretty clean because most of them are in cash or really long term investment that I don't intend to sell even during the next bear markets.  Despite of high cash position, I still have no intention to re-balance it by moving some of cash to equities or other assets. It is not so fun though seeing strong markets rebound from sharply oversold markets in December 2014. I keep reminding myself everyday that it is better to have lower return from risk free investment than making a negative return by making wrong moves at the wrong time. 

Wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year. May the year of goat brings lots of good lucks, good health and good fortunes.

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