Saturday, October 31, 2009

Turtle Portfolio Update - November 2009

Added $ 888 saving for November 2009.

Time flies, bit by bit $888/month, Turtle accumulated RM $ 20,844 saving. The portfolio gained 10% after navigating through scary October month which is famous for stock market crash. This is particularly gratifying as almost 98.8% US domestic mutual funds are losing money, only 1.2% making money in the last two years! (

My short term outlook. Correction in Bursa Malaysia should continue, as at 30 Oct, 60% of FBM30-KLCI components are still above 50-day moving average.

FBMSCAP, an indicator of speculators risk appettie, appears to be cautios for the last few months and resting on a critical support. Clearing above 10,424 of Aug 09 will invite more retail investors and speculators to play.

The downside, failing holding at current will have a possibility of 4 - 13% correction - something that most of us should be able to stomach. A word of cautious though, some stocks will suffer much more than FBMSCAP index. Dip buyer beware!

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