Wednesday, November 4, 2009

TSM Global

A reader left me a very good suggestion. TSM Global is in automotive industry which has been bashed down very badly. Another company with ROE of around 18-20% but selling at distressed level PE multiple of 3 - 4 times. Another good weekend assignment suggestion.

Shien Yang said...
why dont you check out TSM Global.The stock is only selling at cash level.The business is profitable and it is growing.


Wedding Gifts, Favours, Bells... said...

wats your idea of HUAAN? can disect the numbers of HUAAN?

Boon2008 said...

TSM Global seems financially strong, making profit over the past 6 years, its net cash is already around RM2.15, and i value the share at RM7.
I have no idea why it is trading at such a low price? Also, i can't find any analyst for this company, can you?

Shien Yang said...

I think nobody cover the stock.
there are a lot of low hanging fruits for the management to execute in order to prop up the share price, e.g. share buy back, special dividend, be more pro-active in investor relation activity