Saturday, March 13, 2010

Malaysia has most number of billionaires in South-East Asia

I'm still trying to catch up news, this news is interesting. Why Malaysia has the most number of billionaires in SEA while we have one of the smallest population and economy. Talking about "smartness", we are behind Singapore. Talking about populous, we are way behind Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

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The Malaysian billionaires/ranking in the world:-

1. Robert Kuok /33th
2. Ananda Krishnan / 89th
3. Lee Shin Cheng / 189 th
4. Quek Leng Chan /277th
5. Teh Hong Piow / 277th
6. Yeoh Tiong Lay / 421th
7. Vincent Tan / 828 th
8. Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary / 655 th
9. Tiong Hiew King/ 939th

The numbers of billionaires in SEA

Malaysia / 9
Indonesia / 7
Singapore / 4
Thailand / 3
the Philippines / 2

Let's look some samples of the businesses that these guys own.

My comments:-
My first impression of the businesses that they own are from old economy - property, banking, consumer products(franchises), concessionaires, media or telecommunication. These businesses are favorable at the macro level during their times. During the rapid development stage, property, banking and concessionaires are the natural winners. We are quite lucky that Malaysia happens to be one of the largest plantation producers in the world. Call it anyway you want - either luck or foresights, they certainly have both of them!

Second, they are sharing succeses with public. Listing their company will enable them to raise capital in large amount to grow their companies. They have been able to grow their wealth by acquiring great businesses at the right time. The investing community will certainly reward their efforts, i.e. market capitalization will grow in tandem with shareholders equity.

Third, these guys are certainly "stick-to-knitting". They know their area of competency and rarely acquiring businesses outside their competency.

Fourth, they are certainly well connected, either with other successful businessman or the government. The certainly commanding high level of moral authority - trustworthiness.

Lastly, these guys certainly have their own circle of influence to take care of their day-to-day running of the businesses.

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