Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This should be given free

(Business Times)CIMB Securities has launched an advanced online equities and futures trading platform called “i*TradePro@CIMB” on Saturday.

The new electronic platform is a customisable desktop trading management system and is equipped with enhanced technical charting system with over 40 technical indicators.

“It provides powerful analysis and comparison studies on multiple stocks from a single interface,” CIMB Securities said in a statement yesterday.

With the i*TradePro@CIMB, customers can also submit their trading orders and have instant access to Bursa Malaysia Securities and Derivatives’ live prices from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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Like my title said, this should be given away free to its clients. Beside some research reports, which most will not bother to read 90% of the times, I don't see they add much value to their clients. Their current charting software is really sucks, so if they want to charge for this service, I think their marketing strategy is sucks too!

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