Friday, June 17, 2011


I'm going to be extremely rojak because I'll take a wild swing in today's entry.

First my Christmas wish list. I have been wandering at Changi airport for countless times and yet each time my right hand try to reach my wallet, my left brain will shout: Stop! what the hell are you doing? How can you buy something close to RM 1,000? Wow man, I hope someday my bloody right brain will take over my left brain, follow your heart man!

Next time if you happen to reach this stuff, put it around your ears, you will know why this thing is irresistible. I don't spend that much time in front of my tall standing speaker anymore, partly I spend a lot more time in front of my PC. When you have a pair of noise cancelling headphone, you practically shut the world and hear nothing but your favorite music only.

I just wish someday, santa will send it to my home. Okay, enough of dreaming.

One of the worst performing markets is still China. Some says it is not worth dipping into this market because the fundamental is deteriorating and so is price too. If you may excuse me please, I'm going to abuse and mis-quote three guys.

The first guy is Warren Buffet. Let's say if you are a hamburger eater, if you see the price of hamburger depressed for a long period of time when you are accumulating, will you be rejoicing?

The second guy is Jim Roger. China is almost like America in 1900. Selling it now is like you are missing the next 100 years of a greatest bull run.

The last one, Jeremy Siegal, the author of stock for the long run. Over a long run, stock will certainly will beat all other investments.

We all know that Dow Jones, since 1900 had suffered 1 great depression, 2 world wars, great inflation, a few bubbles, etc, but if you buy regularly of an index, you are almost certain that you are still making money and beating the shit out of other form of investments.

Now that CIMBX25 is dipping below RM 1, I'm contemplating to increase my positions. I know that the bloody Chinese stocks are too dangerous due to too many scandals. I don't have anymore guts to dip my toe on individual Chinese stocks(got burnt twice -- almost to the ground) but I would have strong confidence to buy a group of blue chips or index based on DOLLAR AVERAGING strategy. My left hand is a bit itchy to pull the trigger.........hopefully my right brain agrees with my left hand.

Lastly, back to music, I'm getting a bit tired of main stream music and picked up a copy of Shigeko Suzuki at Artist Gallery. 4 CDs with audiophile quality for RM 49. I was ready to throw it away if it disappoints me. Surprisingly, it has surprised me on the upside. I think I'll keep playing it for a long time. Who said value investing is dead? I'm listening to it now on a pair of cheaper noise canceling headphone and enjoying it very much. Now on colors of the wind.....

.......You think I'm an ignorant savage
You've been so many places, I guess it must be so
Still I cannot see if the savage one is me
How can there be so much that you don't know? You don't know............

Good night. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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dukuhead said...

Turtleinvestor, going back to the Bursa, can you shed some light on whether now is an opportune time to buy into Top Glove Corporation Bhd (ticker symbol: topglov)given that recent data showing a slump in net profits and its share price being on the low side? Do you think that now Top Glove is a bargain buy? I am thinking of giving it maybe a week, 2 weeks or so to stabilise its price and then picking up a couple of lots near the 52-week low. Appreciate your input and thoughts on this.