Thursday, August 2, 2012

Trading Idea: Alam Maritim

Alam Maritim share price is holding the fort at RM 0.50 +/- 0.01 for almost 3 months and survived thus far.

The Chairman of the company Ahamad Sufian B Qurnain @ Abdul Abdul Rashid bought shares with his own money on Jun 04, 2012 from the open market. He paid RM 0.50 for 10,000 shares, added to his direct and indirect interests of 965,000 shares.

Lemabaga Tabung Haji who has quite a respectable records in buying small cap companies has been buying in the open market as well. They already have substantial interests of 9.59% in the company. The dates of open purchased were:

12 July 250,000 shares
13 July 250,000 shares
16 July 250,000 shares
17 July 250,000 shares
18 July 250,000 shares
19 July 250,000 shares
20 July 250,000 shares

The insiders are buying and the share price is quite depressed and over-sold at this moment. For the fun of it, I picked up some shares yesterday with 1 - 3 months holding period.

This post is just for information only and not to promote the compay because I already have position in it.

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