Monday, August 12, 2013

The Greed of Man - Part I

I recalled the best business in a small town that I grown up was TVB VHS video rental business. I remembered how the crazed TVB drama addicts would knocked at a wooded door of video rental shop on Sunday just to find out whether the rented out tapes had been returned, so that they can rent it. Everyone would have a big McDonald smile on their face whenever someone returned with hunted tapes successfully. We would crammed on the floor of half-brick half-wooden house in full of suspense looking at a tape swallowed into the belly of VHS video player decoding the mysteries.

In those days, we would skipped meals and glued onto a small CRT TV screen dying to find out what happened next. We would held back pee and would not moved even an inch for a toilet break. The smell of the sweats and joss sticks  incense were so powerful reminding me of those good old days as I strapped myself onto a seat, traveled "back to the future" when I re-watching the Greed of Man again. It was just like yesterday but I can't believe that this drama has been re-classed as a modern classic.

Those can relate with the scenes that I described certainly will declare they are young at heart. When they laugh, the lines will show up at the corner of their eyes that presumably those are hard earned wisdom lines. Unfortunately, not so.

Man. Why am I writing something like this in the age of Facebook or Instagram. The short answer -its ageless. It's a modern classic. I would find deeper connection each time I "rewind" the tape(metaphorically) on the spinning  "read and write" discs. Perhaps I can understand more of the tale of stock markets with a little bit better as I grow older.

This a well rounded drama that combines melo-drama, tragedy, comedy, romance and thriller. It's a drama that make me feel so much - angry, irritated, sad, triumphant as the script writer did a  good job of evolving the story spanning over 70s, 80s and early 90s. I love the drama so much partly because of the theme was evolving around stock markets.

Looking back, it was really dangerous to learn share market investing from this drama. Like mimicking Fast and Furious 0X car chase stunts in a controlled environment, most people will be intoxicated with some wrong ideas or myth that can hurt themselves. Here are some of the concepts from the drama I will expound more in the next few postings
"the higher the risk, the higher the return"
"there are gods of stock market that can dictate the demand and supply, hence stock price"
"play show hand, going all in"
"borrow money or leverage"
 "playing the stock market is about luck"
 "stock market provides the highest return on investment, and fast"
"financial market is a place that people can do money laundering"
 "borrow concepts from Romance of Three Kingdom to invest"
"play future market is like rolling dices - just bet big or small"

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