Monday, October 14, 2013

Men vs Women Spending Habits

I was at first thinking to continue with the millionaire next door ...... part IV write-up but decided to break the routine a little bit.

I thought these info graphics are somewhat very universal even though the studies were done in the UK. It reinforces my conclusion that men and women are very different when come to spending habits. Men may make infrequent purchase but when they did - the bills can be quite big. A woman on the other hand makes frequent purchases but the amounts are usually not that damaging though it can be perceived as wasteful such as, the 10th pair of shoe but it's only cost $ 29.90 dear. A man may make infrequent purchase, for an example a Porsche but it's only cost $ 399 k dear. Men and women have one common ground though - flaws. The next time you get into couple money fight, just be a little gentle with each other.

Men Vs. Women - Spending Habits

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