Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just say hi!

It has been damned frustrating when my house Internet line gone down over last few days. TM people have been responsive and helpful but still unable to resolve the problem. Managed to find a hot spot and thinking of doing a short update this morning.

The big news is the government makes some gutsy plan to remove subsidy gradually. I have not got a chance to read and think through all the implications yet. Generally should be good at the macro level, improving deficit will lead to stronger Ringgit and that in turn should improve quality of life in general(stronger purchasing power). Whether this will create some short term knee jerk - dampening consumer spending on discretionary and big ticket items, will remain to be seen.

Just a clarification, my post saying to cover short look prescient, certainly is not something to boast. That was just one heck of lucky shot. Common sense tells me I should not keep open short positions at these levels. Covering short and going for long are two different things. Covering short does not mean going for long. Will move in into the market slowly and steadily. Will also keep the gun powder dry throughout the period till October.

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