Monday, May 3, 2010

UEM Land ?????

This chart is just an illustration on how dangerous to buy based on what we read in the newspaper. The stock which many know that it is "gomen"-linked already started to rise, prior to the PM making announcement to privatise several parcels of land in Kuala Lumpur. Those closely link with the "gomen" must have made their quick bucks.

The poor public as usual were the suckers, speculating there were more goodies to come! Duh, within a month, many "investors" already sat on 15% losses already!

This is just to show how most people have no game plan to set-up a trade. I'm sure at $1.2, a trader would have 68.99% chance of making money, $ 1.0 70.83% or $ 0.70 90.99%.(Don't take the probabilty too seriously :)-

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