Sunday, June 27, 2010

Buy Silver

Uncle Jim is back and making the same pitch. Buy something depressed - silver, agriculture commodities especially sugar. Oil is going go higher in the long-term. Hang on to your gold.


K C said...

One problem with commodity such as gold is there is no yield in your investment, unlike equity which you get regular annual dividends. You cannot eat gold too, can you Jim?. Gold's long term return has been low at say 3%(?). Consider this, gold was about US 400 an ounce 6 years ago and it is US1200 (all rough figures). It has gone up 3 times in value in 6 years, or 20% CAGR. Is it time for mean reversion?

green said...

How to buy Silver in Malaysia?
What avenues are there?

Turtleinvestor said...

You need a cross border trading account to buy foreign ETF.

Silver Investor said...

Gold and Silver is always meant for long term investment! There's lots of factors that can boost up commodity price but the main one will definitely be hyperinflation!

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Blogger said...

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