Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Can Proton beats Lamboghini?

I hope you will really enjoy this video clip of how Mitsubishi Lancer EVO beaten Lamboghini. Now you know why EVO has always captured the hearts of many, generating cult-liked religion followers, modifying our Proton car to look like EVO.

Unfortunately our Proton share unable to generate that same amount of excitements. The share keeps sliding after Volkswagen said they found a new girlfried Suzuki. "Other priorities" they called it!

(TheEdgeMalaysia) KUALA LUMPUR: PROTON HOLDINGS BHD [] share price continued to slide for the second day and fell 2% or nine sen to RM4.46 at 9.35am on Tuesday, June 8 after it had said last weekend that talks with German carmaker Volkswagen AG had collapsed as the latter has "other priorities".

If you are the kind of person likes to rejoice whenever you heard bad news, you need to take a look at this chart.

Looking at the chart, the sentiment is neutral. The price/book value is right in the middle. For it to go above 0.5 to 0.9, we need a strong bull market.

Now the closing part of today's post. The price you have to pay for a "budget supercar".

Petrol consumption can go anything between RM $ 0.4 - 1/km, depending how macho is your right foot. Be ready to replace your gearbox, tyre, suspension, brake pad, etc. Yet people willing to eat Maggie and take BMW (Bus Mini Wilayah) to go to work and drive EVO on Sunday. This is what I call the power of branding. Get it, Proton?

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