Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Nissan GT-R EGOIST, 2012 Launch

Found some great pictures of The Nissan GT-R at According to "sources" this model will be launched in 2012.

They have pointed out the very obvious. Naming it EGOIST. Not so egoistic anyway, the rich has been pouring their money into hard assets. The rich, they said, got very sick of losing money. So, when they buy some toys, at least they got some kind of satisfaction in return - at least getting a few stares whenever they go.

It's too bad for those who are "less rich". They can't vent their frustration by writing a US $ 100 k cheque (could be more). They can just look the pictures and admiring them, just like we were kids browsing car magazines in the book store

My "Legend" engine finally gave way yesterday. Got tired of keep feeding him with engine oil and finally loosening my wallet. I made a big decision, bought a much bigger engine that promise me 250 hp. Will let you all know how it feel when the job is completed in about 10 days time.

My target of KLCI 1450 has been reached. At this point of time, we all need to look at downside rather than upside. Losing 10% is high compared to gaining another 10%. Since I'm invested quite a bit at lower level, I'm looking at unloading rather than loading.

Those have been bearish for whole 1.5 years and thinking of going in will need to be careful. If their hands are really itchy, they should at least wait for a pullback and see whether there are genuine buyers out there.

Have a nice weekend.

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