Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not sure what to write

Have not been updating my blog since last Saturday. As usual you should have guessed that I was on the road. My eyes are half closed now, so let's make a quick one.

Not many things caught my attention for the last few days except

1) Japan central bank lowered interest rate to zero.

2) KLCI managed to stay above 1,480 today.

3) Dow broke 11,000 just two hours ago.

Long live relative return game. Deflation and Inflation will continue to co-exist. Advance economies may continue to experience deflation and deleveraging while emerging economies will continue to enjoy strong money inflow, inflating assets. Emerging economies will have no choice but to raise interest rate and attract more hot money. The script of 2003 - 2007 is being re-play now. Emerging stock market may zig or zag but it's a matter of time, it will surpass 2007 high.

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