Saturday, October 30, 2010

Turtle Portfolio Update - November 2010

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As usual, received $ 888 saving for the month of November 2010. Portfolio gains 22% since its inception. Sitting on almost 50% cash. Getting increasingly difficult to find places to deploy cash. I am neither bullish nor bearish. KLCI is valued above historical average. Now is selling at almost 19.XX times and pushing it above PE 20-22X will be very susceptible to reversion to mean.

Options that available to Turtle to deploy money:

1. Do nothing - put all money into FD 2.85% and wait for corrections

2. Deploy dividend yield strategy - REIT 8% and some other high dividend yield counters 4-6%.

3. Trade on lower liner/small cap - allocate up to 15% book value to this strategy. Retail participation seems to be at a healthy level. 27 - 35% of retail investor will spice up the market a bit.

I still have not decided yet.

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