Monday, November 15, 2010

Why So Quiet?

In case you are wondering why I am so quiet - not talking about stock markets or general topics. I have been busy of late fixing my house. Market correction is good because it allow me to spend time on some other things that are equally as important making money out of stock markets.

As school holidays are approaching, I plan to take some time off with family or doing something for them. So blogging will be very light.

The correction that I have been waiting is finall here. Based on a general rule of thumb, it will normally last 7 - 9 trading days. Based on the market momentum that I observe, the players seem to be quite smart and did not sell indicriminately. I see players picking up stuffs.

For the whole of 2010 year-to-date, we never have any corrections more than 100 points. The most severe was around 80 - 90 + points and most of them are in the region of 30 - 50 points. Projecting where the market will stop falling based on this data is as good as flipping a coin.

I have just taken out a 50 sen coin from my drawer. I am going to toss it: head drop 50 points and tail drop 95 points.

The coin had finally stopped spinning. The result is

The coin has spoken, so forget all the moving average, etc..........

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