Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mom, Turtle is talking about technical stuffs again!

Mom, help, idiot Turtle is talking about technical stuffs again!

Technically speaking, nothing significant to talk about. Yes, it's hanging around 100-MA. So what? There is no guarantee that it will not go nearer to 200-MA. Going nearer to 200-MA is normally associated with a bear market. So do you believe we are going into a bear market? No way many will surely scream!

Okay, then some will draw some idiot parallel lines - that would be 1440 - 1460 if we see a new low after failing to make a new high!

If foreigners are selling why Ringgit is still so strong?

So what are you saying? There are still too much optimisms out there. Small cap index has hardly corrected, has not even retraced to 50 MA. Not enough blood yet!

So what are you saying again? Technically speaking, we should not buy until 1544 is taken out or sell if 1425 is violated.

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