Saturday, February 12, 2011

Turtle's Portfolio Turns 3

I did not realize that I did not post anything on my Turtle Portfolio update for the month of February. When I started to update the records, I just realized that Turtle portfolio had turned 3 years old today. When I first started to blog, I had done some serious blogging strategy thinking. As a conservative person, I naturally looking at how this blog can die rather that thinking of the glory and glamor that Turtle can get. There are many ways a blog can die, I am just showing you a few here:

1. Running out of things to say. I started to look around, most of us started with fire of baptism and trying to convert every people out there to be students of WB(Warren Buffett), Ben Gram, etc......... sure we all admire these giants but after a while, you will surely running out of words.

2. Keep firing dry facts. I suspect that one cycle of economic boom and bust will also cause you to run out of things to say.

3. Self centered blog. Keep boosting how good you are will certainly pick-up a lot tail winds to blog-hell-land faster than you can wink your eye lashes.

4. Lack of credibility. Say all you want, business blogging is a materialistic subject. Failing to show people the money will cause your blog to die very fast too.

5. Curating news. People are so well read that average investors probably know more that you do.

So after knowing how I can die, I laid out a few blogging strategies to improve my longevity

1. Core subjects - (1) company analysis, (2) current market sentiment analysis (3) big pictures (4) situational analysis based on market conditions, (5) lighter side of life topics should give me enough things to talk about when this blog will draw its final curtain on 2023. You must Begin with the End in mind.

2. I love to show a lot of charts and facts. Facts will kill readers but creative explanation with good points will captivate their attentions. More importantly, show how to monetize the implication of the charts and facts.

3. I hope I did not trying to throw my weight around throughout the blogging period and stay humble and low profile.

4. I know putting up a real money portfolio will add a lot of credibility and following. It's bottom line that counts in this result oriented society. Also, when you start to measure something, it will start to change your behavior. Making it public, it will make it more likely to stick to your commitments and also reinforce your value system that you wish to build. In my case, I did not do this for behavior modification but just to demonstrate my points - (1) building and compounding wealth in a slow and steady is possible (2) In life, its very difficult to stick to one style(buy and hold), keeping churniway ng the money, TA, FA, bottom-up, etc... though I have a blend of buy and hold and do a bit of trading when I feel that I need to rotate the money and decide asset allocation.

5. I did not know how to blog when I first started. After banging my head here and there, I find that that I am quite a talkative person. I can start talking non-stop when I am in a mood. Always speak your mind, this is a venue to voice how strong you feel about a particular issue. However, I must learn to respect my readers --- say something when you have something worthwhile to say. Say it in a way that you it is coming from head and not ass. Say it economically, keep it short and sweet and not beating around the bush.

Just a little bit of sharing and good luck to those who are thinking of starting to blog soon.

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ck5354 said...

well said.

Hope i will not died out soon.

Ha ha ha.