Saturday, July 30, 2011

Portfolio Update - August

I want to thank a group of readers that have been following my blog regardless of my conditions. I thought readership could gone down to zero due to extreme inactivity on my part. Instead, you come back faithful to check out whether I've updated my blog. I can't thank you enough. Low activity was one thing but I also felt that I made posting for the sake of posting but you still leave encouraging comments. And your encouragement has kept my afloat. Thank you.

To blog is not easy, especially you have been doing it for a while. We can run out of words. After saying certain things for while, your readers will know almost exactly what you are going to say because they "know" you quite well already. The other aspect is preparation, when I was hard pressed for time this month, I really felt the pressure.

What is even more difficult is the lukewarm market conditions. The bulls and bears were fighting for control which make things very difficult. Writer can sound pretty stupid because when they sound bullish, the bears will whack them the moment they hit publish post button. When they try to sound bearish, the bulls will trample them. When they say something bullish one day and bearish another day, they will look fickle minded and truly will look like they don't know what they are doing. This happen to stock analysts as well.

Turtle portfolio crossed 50,000 for the first time. I am glad that I did not lose my pant while tracking this extremely difficult market. Sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit is certainly works out well. I do not have intention to lecture anyone but this is a testimony of how our wealth will grow day by day as long as we form the saving habits. You can also see yourself in my portfolio that not every transaction will make money. You can also see my other mistakes like selling out too early for Sapura Crest and Genting. You can also see that I am hanging on to MUI(call it aversion to loss if you will). The point is you don't have to be perfect when comes to investing. I guess we should be okay as long as we win more than we lose.

I was glad that my dividend strategy and picking on plantation stock help me to preserve my portfolio. I think one should continue to stick to high dividend yield stocks strategy under this environment. We should also start to read up cyclical stocks, I am not asking you to rush in but I think they got beaten up pretty badly. One of them that I am watching is Unisem. I'm waiting for more disappointing news in their coming quarterly results and hope that they got bash down to crazy price.

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