Friday, July 22, 2011

Stock Watch : Axiata

Axiata stock price has been on the uptrend and has been trying to break out but failed to do so yesterday. The price seems to run out of steam. I'm watching this stock(for trading and buy and hold strategy too) as I think it is still under-appreciated.

I believe the CEO is building a solid foundation and the benefits can only be reaped in 2 - 3 years time.

The company is very busy recruiting the right people. They are willing get good people from other world class organizations like Vodafone, Motorola, etc.....With the right people with the right mindsets, it is much easier to implement high performance culture organization.

What I like about the CEO has always been focusing maximizing on return on capital. The idea of sharing towers squeezing its assets to maximum productivity is certainly a good idea.

If one is bullish about Indonesia, I think this is a good proxy. No further elaboration needed I presumed.

OSK recently upgraded the fair value to $ 5.77 based on SOP which I think is a fair price tag.

With the external market full of good news -- good earning surprise and European leaders telling the right things that the markets want to hear -- I think doing a bit of trading will be a good idea. I am still wait for a confirmation whether it can take out yesterday high with conviction.

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