Monday, September 19, 2011

Tips on selling your old house

I sold my house in a pretty short time. I've done a couple of things on my own based on my common sense like

  • First impression counts. I repainted outside of my house six month before I moved out. That clean look would have probably created a very powerful halo effect. I also left a nice pot of palm tree at the entrance. That created a much more inviting welcome.
  • Repaint the house interior with white color. It's not expensive, the material cost was less than RM 100 but the effect was good. The other price that I have to pay was myself. I just have to roll up my sleeve and do the job. Always go for neutral color. There is no need to show your personality. Let's the new owner to decide what color they want.
  • Mop the whole house to keep it sparkle clean. I did it once a week and luckily I do not have to do it for too long.
  • Remove most of the things out of the house. I am sure that you have tonnes of old things that you left in your old house when you moved out. Forget about the sentimental value, just ship it out. If you can't get somebody to do it.
  • I removed the Cross from the old house. I know many Christians brothers and sisters may want to condemn me that I sometimes live like a pagan. Unless you want to narrow your potential buyers to your own religion, remember this is a commercial decision. Just pray in our heart that Our Lord will bless the new owner and hope some day the whole family will be converted.
  • Bought a big bottle of ceramic cleaner. Get rid of the tiles stain in your bathroom. Just try to make it as "new" as possible.
  • I left the house lighting on. A bright house will go no wrong. RM 20 electricity bill will not kill you. Also remember to fix all the faulty bulbs.
  • The only accessory that I left was the curtain. This will create a homely feeling.
  • Fix the leaking tap.........minor things like this can create a wrong impression. A tap costs RM 10 only.
  • Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you. Try to put yourself into others' people shoes. People will feel better if you have tried your best to handover a good property to them.

I will share with you more later: whether you should sell the house yourself or go through a property agent.


eugene said...

Man,I really like what you share here,you know first impression will always sell or no sell and first impression will not come the second time..........

God bless............

dukuhead said...

can you please recommend a good ceramics cleaner? i have a really bad stain in my bathroom and it wouldn't wash off easily.

Turtleinvestor said...


There is not particular brand. Just go to a hardware shop and ask for ceramics cleaner -- white is stronger than yellow. A word of caution, since white is a lot stronger, it may have unintended consequence. The corrosion will tarnish your tiles surface.

dukuhead said...

thank you, Turtle

Ofelia Bertrand said...

First impression counts. Make sure that your house looks good inside and out. When planning to make changes in your house, put yourself in the shoes of the potential buyers: What do what you want to see? What do you expect to see in a house? Take care of your house, invest on it wisely and benefit from it in the future.

-Ofelia Bertrand

Abdul said...

The last tip really left an impression on me. I mean, that thought is certainly true. Just imagine what you would feel if you were actually the one who’s going to buy that house you’re trying to endorse. You can tell if the house is great based upon on your own perspective as a customer and what kind of impression you would want to leave your customer about your house.

Abdul Jackson