Monday, September 12, 2011

What the hell happened to you Turtle?

Just in case you are wondering what had happened to me, I'm here just to say a few words to tell my readers that I'm still alive. I decided to keep my big mouth stop talking for a while because the market is very confusing and I certainly don't want to add more fuel to the burning bush.

I was thinking whether I should write a piece of serious entry like value investing, ROE here and there. Moat moat here and moat moat there but had decided to save my breathe for another day. Everybody is yawning and waiting for the market for more attractive entry.

Furthermore, most of my visitors are pros. They probably can quote almost any gurus at back of their palms. Just give them the names.

Then I was thinking to scold some of these corporate taikors on their recent corporate exercises but then my fingers were too slow. Most of the exciting and hot news already commented by others. Aiyah, too slow lar, too old but hey I'm still competitive man. Seriously, these taikors are just like crazy Malaysian drivers. Their bad habits seem to be impossible to kick. Like crazy motorists, they seem to take every traffic rule as suggestion only. Nothing seems to work. You fine them, counsel them, blacklist them and now they talk about teaching kids in the school to be a polite driver. Well, when they see their father and mother potong Q from emergency lane, go 100 to 180 km in 3.4 seconds(in Myvi some more) to beat yellow light, do you think these kids will apply what they learn in school? Diversion pulak, why am I talking about this topic? Entah lar. May be some Myvi potong my Perrari from left side leaving me in dust!@#

Seriously, I think we should re-introduce short selling to keep these buggers honest. If you allow them to short to zero, then I think this process will clean up half of these walking deadman on the bursa. Just let these vultures circling those poor fundamental companies and they will kill dishonest management. If you reward those guys that can analyze bad things, I am sure they will a superb job for investors. So no need our SC to issue UMA, query our big shots why do RPT on a willing buyer and a willing seller basis, etc......

But then being uniquely Malaysian, later when we have some small guys lose money(kena short and shot) and after a few demonstrations di sana sini or complaining to a few big guns who are very well connected politically -- short selling rules will be banned again. Here you go again, Malaysians like to drive round and round of a roundabout. This bad habit that we inherited from our old British masters seem to be difficult to kick. Memang first class Opium. That is why divide, confuse and conquer work. The taikors keep screwing and small guys keep get screwed. Sons, stop gambling in bursa Malaysia. Give your money to your mama. She can beat the KLCI benchmark. Wow, how???!!!

FD ma, son. That is how you do it!!!


Simon said...

Like what Warren say, derivative is a weapon of mass destruction.

For short selling is a weapon of mass destruction to bankrupt the government.

If government goes bankrupt, ASB owner will start rioting. Another 135 will kicks in.

dukuhead said...

i had no idea until today that short-selling was banned in Malaysia. Was short-selling ever allowed before and under who's administration was short-selling banned and when was it banned?