Friday, February 10, 2012

A reflection of friendship

I've made some entries of our health is our greatest wealth. The next important source of happiness is friendship. Friendship is a concept that is intuitive but I also find it so difficult to describe. Why we can be so close to some people? Why we can talk for hours and hours with certain people? In fact it's even closer than our own blood brothers and sisters.

Thinking back over good friends that I have, there are several values that bond us together:

1. Loyalty. We stick with each other through thick and thin. Never betray trust. That is why, finding a true friend is so difficult. It will be a blessing to find a friend that can die for us to uphold our secrets.

2. Listen and advise only when asked. We listen to each other and seldom give advice. Their presence by just be there over a cup of Kopi 'O' and two packets of daun pisang nasi lemak are good enough.

3. Respect different views. At the right time, they will offer us different views yet they never expect us to conform to their views. The trust that we have on each other with no political hidden agenda open up a lot of fresh perspectives. Some of the views that my friends had were crazy and completely uncomfortable but I find that I'm more and more receptive to those ideas over time.

4. Deal with conflicts. Never let a slightest mis-understanding cracks a true friendship. A good friend will call you middle of the night to say sorry or to clarify things to make sure you sleep well.

5. Never take an advantage of you. A good friend will never take advantage of you. They will never manipulate you after knowing you so well. They never talk about money. They have strong back bone to solve their own problems. All they want is: just be there.

While many of us are dedicated our life long to keep searching for most undervalued stocks. But. Don't forget to invest some time to search a life long friend. If you have found a good friend, treasure him and never lose him. Have a good weekend.

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Kris said...

Yeah. It is true that a good friend is hard to find.

Normally, good friends are of the same sex because as we go older and get married, dont think it is easy to maintain a close friendship with the opposite sex.