Monday, February 27, 2012

Out of synch?

You may notice of my withdrawal from the markets for a while. Some begin to speculate that I'm behaving this way due to personal disappointments or having internal turmoil. Not exactly.

To be consider as a great market timers, one of the important criteria is the ability to make a call with considerable accuracy of that call happens within a short time. Time horizon typically between 3-4 weeks or at the most 2 months. Guys or gals that can make many of these calls correctly for sure will receive high approval from investing community. I do not rely on market timing to earn readership or making a living.

I volunteer to allow others to peep into my thoughts and feelings on subjects that I feel like talking. Hopefully, my sharing will benefit them materially(yeah I'm sure they make some money from the stocks I talk about), spiritually( yeah, I sometimes will go bashing money) or emotionally (again, yeah -- I talk about things that will penetrate right into their subs). So, I don't have to pressure myself to make many actionable calls or constant updates.

There is not much to write recently. Economic indicators, earnings, European credit stress, etc are pretty much in neutral or positive zones. We are at a crossroad. The direction of the market - up or down - is as good as rolling a dice. It will not be so wise to think as long as the indicators are positive, it's okay to continue to buy. No. Stock markets and fundamentals are not necessary to be in synch all the time. To think they are always in sych is admitting you are a student from the school of Efficient Market hypothesis(EMH). Unfortunately I am not a believer of EMH.

If we are entering a period of correction within 1 - 2 months and it will take another 2 - 3 months to shake out the weak hands. Adding up these periods, buying period could only available in September or October. That means, there could be another 7 to 8 months of me not doing anything. I'm sorry if I'm not that active for next 6 months.

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