Monday, April 29, 2013

Supermax made me sit up and take notice

When this guy made a stand, he earned my respect almost immediately. A business guy who dare to say these kind of things surely do not need to depend on our gomen. I suspect his business should be competitive internationally. If you are good, then you don't need to suck up to the government. 

I have not been taking a look at Supermax for while. So I went and had a quick browse on their 2011 Annual Report. A couple of highlights.

See. They are no 1 in US dental glove market.

This company grew their shareholders' total return by 7 folds.
EPF has been selling shares in this company since end of last year. When people said the company said Supermax kena hit because of what the chaiman said certainly is not true. Keep this company under your radar. Buy when it falls hard when somebody is trying to to punish them unjustly.

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Mr Loso said...

This guy speak for all Malaysian Chinese, we should show support to his company. I bought in some not only to show respect but also its a good company to accumulate.