Sunday, May 5, 2013

05.05.13. Ubah.....considered it done

How can I not make an entry today 05.05.13. It's such a historic day.

The other date that has a great significance was 31.08.57

It has been a long time my wife and I never felt so excited. Just can't wait for 8.00 am of 05.05.13 to arrive. I was so excited that woke up a few times at night checking  my alarm clock. Damn, every hour, minute and second seems to be so sloooooooooooow.

The wait was finally over. The morning sun shone through our big glass panel greeted us with a hopeful morning. We dressed up in our red couple T shirts and got into our red car. We consciously made everything red today reminding everybody to mark a big cross on Roket checked box. People took notice. They gave way at T junction and thumbs up - signs of approval. Those in BN uniform, outside the polling station, were trying to extra nice to us. Too late, we said in our hearts.

When we arrived at the polling station. We heard new language. Sudah Ubah? Sudah. replied the other. The que was long though it's just slightly over 8 am. Good sign. Good sign I told myself. The higher the turnout, the higher the chance we flushed out those aliens intrusion. My red shirt presence made the officer felt uncomfortable. Name, he asked. I shouted out my name loudly in return so that everyone can heard me. He found my name. I moved on to get my left index marked with so called indelible ink. He shouted the name Tan xxx xxx which was not my name. I corrected him. In my heart, Niamah! Are you trying to be funny and doing hanky panky thing? Fuck you EC.

We drove off after fulfilled our duty as citizens of Malaysia. People were still coming. Bearded men in Songkok, Ah Pek in short pant, all started to salam with one another. What a change. Green and Red used to be like oil and water. Now is like honey and water - mixed so well. So sweet. Aaaah.......refreshing. What a change.

56 years ago. The British called the bluff on the three main races Malay, Chinese and Indian. They thought the three races could never accepted to live together. They consciously divided our forefathers socially and economically for decades. The British was wrong, our forefathers saw through their cards. They knew who was the real enemy. Our forefathers kicked out the Brits who siphoned out tin, rubber and uncounted other assets that we could never found out.

The little unknown Malaysia was doing well after the independence. Somehow, something went wrong along the way. A group colonist emerged. It's an inside job. They hijacked our country. The process of hijacking was so subtle like the trojan horse. Privatized here and privatized there. Bailed out here. Bailed out there. The racism poison gas was released in the gas chamber to all Malaysian without we realizing it. The racism toxic live in us for two decades. When we woke up, we realized that we have been poisoned. I felt it. You felt it too. We are dying. It's a slow death. You and I  are on our knees. Crawling, trying to get out. Can we make it? In my book, Ubah - I considered it done.

1.25 pm. 05.05.13

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