Sunday, May 12, 2013

I am. More hopeful.

I was. Very disappointed. When I heard about results from 30 seats were doubtful. There were many allegation elements of irregularities and even outright frauds.

The anger. The slowly subsiding but I could not erase those doubts. The 60,000  KL and 120,000 Penang people turned up in two gigantic rallies sending a message to BN. We wanted a fair and clean election. Is that too much to ask? We wanted to let BN knows this is Malaysians tsunami. Did they get the message? PR won the popular votes. 52% said yes to PR. Only 49% to BN. What are they going to do?

Perhaps the expectations for PR taking over over Putrajaya were to high, but certainly not unrealistic. When dust settles down, PR has works to do. Lots of them. They certainly had made inroads into Johor, Sarawak and Sabah. The willingness of PR to move outside their comfort zones this time is certainly paying off handsomely. That momentum needs to snowball.

The gatherings so far have been peaceful. It is certainly setting good examples to the world. This kind of orderly pressures from the masses pressing for reforms certainly cannot be ignored anymore. Civilized and peace loving Malaysians are good enough to impress foreign investors.

All in all. I am. More hopeful.

Back to stock. The Star is the most hated stock in KLSE. It is hitting 10 years low. But they pay 7% dividend yield with single digit PE. EPF is dumping but OCBC bank and Great Eastern are picking up the shares. The  reason of selling cheap is obvious. You and I know we don't like their major shareholder which is linked to MCA. The franchise of the business however is still pretty much intact. The profits have been on the rising trend. They have shown some pro-active in capital management by paying special dividend in 2010. Overall, the business is still well run.

We all can have political differences and frustrations. As much as I dislike MCA, I still read the Star. To have balance views, you need them in addition to MalaysiaKini, MalaysiaInsider, Malaysia Chronicles, etc. When comes to investing, a cool head shall prevails.


Digital said...

Hmmm....everyone said this "PR won the popular votes. 52% said yes to PR. Only 49% to BN." But they open up their mind and look at the big picture why this disparity happen? Is this really cheating?
Let me open up your mind and after reading this and you still think that BN cheats then I guess you cant accept things that is right. As you know, who won the majority number of seats win the election....agreed? Assuming we have 3 Parliament anyone win 2 seats won the election...agreed? Let's call it Parliament A with 100000 voters, B 50000 voters and C 70000 voters. During the election, assuming 100% turnout and Parliament A win by PR with 80000 voters and BN only got 20000. Parliament B win by BN with 26000 votes and PR lose with 24000 votes. Parliament C win by BN with 36000 votes and PR lose with 34000 votes. So BN win 2 seats and PR win 1 seat...agreed? Calculate the percentage....PR got 63% votes (138000/220000) and BN got 37% votes (82000/220000)...agreed? So BN cheat for this case?

If you still think that this is cheating, then all commonwealths country government practices the same British system, including Singapore also cheats. Americans also do likewise and the government cheats too.

Chong Long Choo said...

Rule is rule.

Until now, still not appealing the doubtful seats. just left 2-3 days only.

lcchong said...

Anway and his geng should go back and work to deliver excellent results by having good administration and management. PKR can spend 4-5 years to penetrate kampung