Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jamming the keyboard........

I am going to just jamming the keyboard today.......please bear with me if I my writing is drifting going no where.

The economy landscape and business world had changed forever post financial crisis. The growth is very anemic. You feel things kinda of slow but it's not collapsing. Never it has that kinda of momentum that we get used to be. As a result, there are lot of funny things are going on.

You may notice companies doing insane things. They are not doing engineering and not making real stuffs. Let alone talking about solid investment. Capex???? That word is slowing fading into the far far away that nobody recognize. Instead they are playing with financial engineering. They can sell away real business and use the case the do share buyback or paying dividend. They don't care as long as the share prices are up. That is the new definition of shareholder wealth creation.

Beside playing with numbers, they also playing with people's life. Gone are the days when I learnt in business school about a happy employee is a productive employee. If you got a happy employee then your sales will soar because they will make your customer happy. Not anymore. People is our greatest asset will remain as a slogan that exist in 90s management textbook.

Gone are the days that a headhunter will call you on any other weeks hunting for talents.  The working class is definitely feeling the squeeze. The bargaining power is getting weak especially those in the manufacturing sector. The disappointing numbers coming out from the factory of the world - China - is certainly telling you that manufacturing sucks. Those still hanging on their jobs considered themselves lucky even though wages rise has been awfully slow. One man will have to do two men/women jobs.

The financial markets keeping hitting new highs....was wondering who was really benefited from the rising value. Perhaps Warren Buffet is right, those buying an index fund will beat the shit out of active stock picker. You must be crazy when the market doubled yet you are not making money.

I was at first feeling Malaysia would have a chance to turnaround because there are so many caring young people for the longest time really felt for their country. Instead of allowing the society to get more mature, you get intimidation. Even I was timid with my words in the blogsphere. Anything you write can be used against you. At the end of the day, the return of sledgehammer will break the spirit and their bones.......just look at the opposition leaders. Anwar, Karpal Singh, one by one was brought down.

The world is certainly turning upside down now but cheer up..........it's not the end of the world. Ciao!


dukuhead said...

Turtle, i recently bought some shares in A & M Realty Bhd (stock code 5959) based on a blogger's strong recommendation. What are your views on this stock? Tks!

KK said...

Turtle seems very bearish on KLSE.