Saturday, August 2, 2008

Portfolio Update - August

Added $888 saving to August and received RM $ 50 dividend for Parkson Holding Berhad.

Turtle has been fully invested whenever he has close to $ 3,000. He is going to change his strategy a little bit, he is going to accumulate about $ 6,000 before making a new investment. He realized that he is out of fund whenever stock market present a bigger sales. He want to make sure he has at least about 25% cash in his portfolio to take advantage of the volatility. Meaning next purchase will be around November/December timeframe.


bursatradingideas said...

Ever thought of a hedging strategy?

Turtleinvestor said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I thought about it before but for the objective of this "turtle" portfolio, I will try to make it more conservative by not participating in derivatives.

Bursa short selling is hopeless and KLCI-future is quite illiquid. Furthermore, when the market is selling at attractive valuation, I will not want to short KLCI. I'm looking forward to go long and I will try to make this "turtle" portfolio as passive as possible, I use combination of cash-equity to maximize yield.

Just for sharing, there was a strong short around 1,115 for July on the day of Bursa having computer problem, those shorted and held on to the end of July closed at 1159, they could have licking wound already.


wats your take on HUAAN?

Turtleinvestor said...

hv not look at it for a while, will update in 1-2 wks time


hey... i remember reading ur previous article on HUAAN, u noted that there is a RM100million "goodwill". wat is that anyway? which part in their report did they mention it? thanks

Turtleinvestor said...


You may visit this link to understand about goodwill.

You can download their quarterly results from Bursa Malaysia and study their Balance Sheet.

In simple English, they paid too much premium for acquisition -- bad value for shareholders generally.