Monday, April 11, 2011

Will be back soon

Will be away for a while on a business trip. Still having jet lagged, woke up middle of the night starring at the ceiling. Having a bit of spare time, I visited Niagara falls(from Canada side) earlier of the day. The crushing sound of the water falls is at its purest natural audiophile I ever experienced. It was loud, and you are not going to detect the slightest cracking sound. It will evoke all your senses -- physical, emotional and spiritual. That's how majestic God's creation is!

The water is crystal clear. By the way it is not blue color that we mistakenly had in our mind but it's crystal green. Watching the water running through the layer of erosion resistant limestone and dolostone is really an amazing experience.

P.S. I did not take my camera with me so I have to "borrow" an online picture. Having seeing the real one, just like seeing real masters' fine art pieces, the way you look at the picture will never the same again -- it's has life elements in it.

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