Friday, April 22, 2011

Would you retire in the US, if Ringgit is at parity with the dollar?

If US dollar continues to slide and going parity with Ringgit Malaysia, RM 1 million will be equivalent to USD 1 million. Will you retire in the US? But then I am not sure whether in USD terms, a decent family house in Montana will still cost US $ 300 k and a Porshe still cost US $ 100 k. If it is, will you retire in US? I probably would especially with the on-going development in this country - saying one thing but doing another thing.

By then, I can enjoy fishing, doing stargazing at night, probably singing a few of The Sound of Music songs, organize barbecue with family, etc. It's good for our souls.

But then I will still will not sell my house in Malaysia. I will probably fly back here if I don't like the winter too much. Doing a bit of medical check up. Going down town enjoying my Kopi O, Char Koey Teow, Penang laksa, roti canai, nasi lemak, etc.....

I think you know where I'm leading you --- enjoy best of the both worlds. You may begin to detect my changing tone on Malaysia. Yeah, you give so much but not getting the desired results, born and hope (close to buy and hold) is almost dead, cutting loss is completely justifiable.

I met with Malaysian friends during this trip. Yeah they heard about 15% income tax and other things to lure them back to Malaysia. I guess you know the answer, forget it. Your government(they are US citizens now) has no credibility. What makes you think they will not make a U turn policy in the middle of no where? No matter how hard we work, how much taxes we pay, your government will still mis-use the funds, so what is the point going back? No matter how hard we work, the Ali-Baba system will still be there. Ah Chong will work like a cow, Ahxxx will sit down to enjoy all the benefits without laying a single finger, do you think it is fair? outlook begin to change now --- especially looking at the beautiful scenery that I can enjoy. Have a nice weekend.

P.S. We are closer to Sell in May, Go Away period, traditionally it's a volatile period. I will have more views on stock markets when I have time to think about them over the weekend.

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