Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sarawak State Election, dissapointed or not, the people has spoken

I'm still on my way home, transiting now. The first thing I did was looking for an Internet to find out the results of Sarawak state election results. Yeah, BN won 2/3. Am I dissapointed? Yes, I'm but then I will have to respect the decision of people. There is no point to speculate whether the ruling party has used dirty tactics or not. If people have not been happy not matter how much they have been "bribed", they will vote against people who do not work for them at the ballots -- just like what they did in 2008. Blame it Sarawak is a big state, not that internet savvy yet or etc, the opposition will need to reflect what went wrong, accept accountability and responsibility. They need to fight again in another day.

Back to stock market, this will remove the over-hang but I'm not sure whether the market will speculate GE will be carried out soon. If they do, it will be market positive.

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