Thursday, August 18, 2011

3 Stocks to investigate

I don't have much time to write lengthily based on latest batches of companies quarterly result. There are a few stocks that I think it's worthwhile to investigate further:

1. Boustead Holding Berhad - Acquisition of Pharmaniaga begin to contribute positively and other segments shows significant improvement in revenue. Trading at single digit PE for such a defensive business is not very justifiable.

2. Deleum - A lot of energy related stocks talk more than it can deliver. This stock is performing solidly but very quietly. They pay very consistent dividend.

3. Dutch Lady - Despite of rising milk cost, one would think it will destroy demand. But on the contrary their revenue soared. Their bottom line too. The only thing is I am not sure is whether they can continue to grow their top line.

Disclosure: I have positions in Deleum but no positions in Boustead and Dutch Lady.

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