Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pu Chai rue Pu Yin?

I begin to catch up with a new revolution. I believe sooner or later, TV or paid TV like print newspaper, will suffer stagnation or decline. It's because most people will spend more time on YouTube or online entertainment. Found something interesting today. Let me take you to Thailand.

Thailand is no stranger to me because I worked there for a couple of years. I speak a little Thai too. I hope we can put religion or morality issue aside today. The subject that I want to talk about today is Kathoey. Though Thais has a lot higher tolerance about Kathoey but they are still being discriminate in employment as well as their legal right. Thais believe Kathoey is a third sex, neither lady nor man. Their Buddhism belief has led them to believe that they become Kathoey because of their past transgressions. So they deserve pity rather than blame. It's something beyond their control.

They work as hard as the rest of us. They too have compassionate heart. Bell Nuntita did not win Thailand got talent but her tremendous will and passion to do what she likes to do is truly inspiring. In her own words, initially, even her father find it very difficult to accept his son has turned into Kathoey. But she did not expect anyone to accept her. She continues to send money home for her sister education by entering Miss Tiffany and her job as DJ and entertainer.

In terms of originality, I would give her high marks but it's too bad her own society may have discrimination against her. That I believe was part of the reason she did not win. Things could have been different if one day, on-line vote can be introduced.

Nong Bell, chok dee na krup.

I do hope we can take off our judgmental lens regardless of what happen afterlife. Honestly I really don't have answers what will happen after that. Not that I want to be a champion of Kathoey but just treat them with a little respect and dignity. After all, we all are human being.

Independent's day is truly a meaningful day. Freedom is something we all should appreciate. We should also continue to liberate our minds and free ourselves from any kind of prejudice.

Selamat Hari Raya to Muslim friends and to Malaysia Selamat Hari Jadi.

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