Thursday, March 1, 2012

Turtle Portfolio Update - March 2012

It's time for some portfolio records update again.

Cash = 46,830
Book value = 50,643
Return on Capital = 10.38%


Why Singapore is way ahead of the rest of the world? It's because they ask correct questions and looking into the future way ahead of the rest of the world. Can you see how far out the Housing Development Board of Singapore look? It's almost 40 years ahead.

In 40 years from today, they recognize the shifting trend of ageing population and they also recognize the challenge of these 'old folks' will be battling. Recognizing facts are not good enough, it's only meaningful if you are able to turn analysis into actions. The HDB is so thoughtful when comes to life-cycle needs planning.

When young couples got married, they are qualified to buy a flat. As the couples have steadier and bigger incomes, they help them to upgrade. Finally when the kids grow up and leaving the house, it's time to adjust again -- downsize.

I like the idea of downsizing by selling a bigger house and move into a smaller house. Then you can use the surplus to finance your retirement. This way you don't have to burden your child or children.

In Malaysia I think we can be a bit more lucky because we can also sell our house in the city and move into rural area, by the hills or seaside. I believe a lot of people would like the idea of fresh air, sea breeze, serenity, quietness but not many willing to give up their current life-style. It will be even more complicated if it's involves your the other half, both of you must be able to agree too. The biggest hurdle I think it's mental and ego. It's not easy for somebody to renounce the materialistic world and reduce it to only oxygen, shelter, RM 50/day and food. If you are willing to change for a lighter yoke, you will feel less burdensome and be happy.

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dukuhead said...

i made money from PIE, thanks turtle. right now i'm trying to hoard as much cash as i can to grab some more blue chip stocks during the next (hoped for) recession. patience is a waiting game.

yauwenchin said...

To succeed in any countries, we need good people and good systems (fair & efficient & effective economical system which is determined by the government of the day).

Good people, we know we have, but they left.

Good systems, after 50 years, just do a logical comparison with South Korea, Singapore, HK, Taiwan the so call 5 Asian tigers. Until the right system is in place, where can you get good people or retain good people? Perhaps, that is the reason of the existing systems, to drive away good people.

barneydilard said...

Singapore is very develop city. You give nice description about systems. Its portfolio is too good. You have done nice work.

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