Monday, March 5, 2012

The Empty Mind

"Sometimes we will hit the target

...... but will miss the self"

Onuma Sensei Kyudo

It's is absolutely beautiful to watch the Sensei in perfect posture, balance and stillness. The arrow flew gracefully carrying deadly force finding its target. It's an absolute perfection moment.

The goal is not ultimate detachment(running away) to achieve target or happiness but rather to be selfless. ZERO. Many of us clinging on to many things that we are not willing to let go. It's absolutely counter intuitive to lose in order to win. It's absolutely not making sense of losing yourself to find yourself. It's absolutely bullshit to many, to be poor in order to be rich?

It was not easy for me to sell off everything an wait for right time to draw my bow again. I might miss it again again but I do hope I will be able to hit the target without missing myself.

It's not how many times I have lost or win that matter to me. It is the joy of investing that make me happy. That's right, I like to do it because I really enjoying doing it! Cheers.


dukuhead said...

your selling off all your stocks now, turtle?

frank howard said...

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Shocked ! said...

Kudos to long as you enjoy, it is good enough....although you might not be very good at it.... :)