Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My fears

This is a continuation from what I wrote yesterday. I thought it will be good that I write with a bit more clarity so that I don't confuse anyone.

My greatest fear is people take my writing seriously, take action and lose money. If I come to know that, I will feel pretty bad.

The other fear is people mis-interpreted what I write and take the wrong action. Again, I will feel very bad. That could be due to either I have written too little or certain things are just too public to disclose or unintentional omissions, or too bullish or too bearish, or this and that. I don't mind to lose my own money because it's my money. But if it's other people money.....then I'll feel very bad. Putting a disclaimer that you should consult your investment advisor is merely covering my ass technically. A three years old kid would know that!

Having said that, I wish to tell you two things more explicitly:

1. My bearish view still stand and it is crystal clear that I have sold at the wrong time. Period. My fear is my readers take my timing mistake and imprint them into their unconscious mind......the bulls are in control forever. If I am right on the direction but wrong on my timing and my readers get caught at the wrong time, I will feel very bad.

2. Three things that I should tell you about TDM after I re-think about it.

One - There was a leadership change in TDM in 2008. I was not sure whether it was due to political pressure or some other issues. The fruits that the current management is enjoying probably due to the old management team's efforts. I was not too sure whether the old management was good in getting things done but probably reach its limit to bring the company to the next level, which is growth. If it's the latter, I will feel better.

Two - The current CEO made an aggressive target to achieve 20 MT/hectare in 2008. Obviously he missed his target and kept quiet about it. The acreage did not expand but the FFB fell in 2009 and 2010. That was the reason I have to estimate the yield for that 2 years. There is a small crack line in characters as I took an X-Ray on them again.

Three - I do not know who is Mr. Koon Yew Yin. I am aware of this person when a friend of mine send me an e-mail regarding his write up on the great Malaysia's brain drain. I published his writing on my blog a while back. From what I read he is a humble and simple man. He is one of the a few good men around. I do not wish to take advantage of his reputation of owning this stock to influence your opinion.

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