Monday, December 5, 2011

Turtle Portfolio Update - Dec '2011

I keep reminding myself on two things

1. how to fall safely and
2. get back up gracefully.

My brain is probably weighs around 1,300 gms. Small isn't it? It's so small that I cannot afford to store less than 1 byte four-letter-word called: Q-U-I-T.

I was too conscious of my public performance, keep looking at scoreboard, causing me to keep missing my moves. I hope one day, everything in the world will just disappear - in complete silence. I'm completely free, nothing to fear. It's just me and my stage. Just moves, dance and dance and dance...............


dukuhead said...

turtle, what are your thoughts on the counter Nestle? Should i sell at the current price (RM52.30) or you think it will likely move upwards some more? appreciate your input on this.

Turtleinvestor said...


Trust in yourself. If you've managed to pick up this stock by yourself, you should be able to figure out when to cash out.

I'll not know more than you. It's the same valuation metrics that everybody uses. No magic formula really. Good Luck.

dukuhead said...

that's the best advice anyone has ever given me. thanks!