Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Self assessment

Read Mr. Koon Yew Yin’s write up posted by MalaysianFinance: Can you become a super investor?

He argued that we have nothing to lose if we aim to be a super investor. The bad news is you got to be genetically coded to be a super investor. But the good news is even we fail to be a super investor, we’re still going to be better than average Joe.

He said there are seven traits to be a super investor and I am going to rate myself as honest as possible. After having a pack of whisky certainly helps.

Trait #1: Be a contrarian investor. B to B+.

Making a big bet when an opportunity shows up. C.

Trait #2: Obsession in playing the game and wanting to win. B+

Trait #3: The willingness to learn from the past mistakes. C

Trait #4: An inherent sense of risk based on common sense. C+

Trait #5: Confidence B-

Trait #6: Clear thinking. B-

Trait #7: The ability to live through volatility without

changing investment thought process C +

Overall. B – or C ++

Remark: Hopefully this failed super investor will at least be a better investor. :)

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dukuhead said...

i'd say luck also plays an important part. Luck, as well as patience.