Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A small step

When contents on the web are increasingly getting under appreciated, read F.O.C., I finally decided to pay. I subscribed myself for 3 years subscription for MalaysiaKini.

It's a small step to support people who believe in


human rights,


freedom of speech

and good governance.

Have I turned myself into a rebel teen? A rebel without a cause? No, I'm a rational person and I don't like to leave money on the table. I'm also a person who would rather make myself fat by eating all the dishes on the table than sending it into a garbage bag. It's business.

It's an efficient business model actually. If you turn to the mainstream newspapers, most of them are filled with gossips and advertisements. What is making me even more sick seeing journalists tailing a group of politicians, trying to tell us either they are busy or doing something good for the country. Please-lah. Also, what's the point of maintaining a big group of people to run around to cover local happenings that will not interest people like me. What if you let a group of volunteers to do coverage for you? Then you focus your energy on big things, not the small things.

I find the columnists are well qualified and more importantly they write critically without fears. A number of them are highly successful and they care more of spreading the ideals and right things than the need to write the pleasing things to keep their jobs.

It's a small step to support media independent.

By the way, I concur with our Penang CM's view that the GE will be delayed slightly because of the latest development. He thinks the GE may be called in June or September. What does that means for the local market? I think the government has more to lose. Trying to take credit by spinning Anwar's acquittal story of judicial independent is like trying to make lemon juice out of lemonades.

The Felda listing met with resistance is also not going well for Najib's government. If they mis-manage that, they can kiss good bye to the grass root support. The longer they delay, the sweets in the mouths will melt fast. That will lead to increasingly stronger headwinds and uncertainties. I'll still opt to stay out of the market for a while though I've a shopping list of gems that I want to buy.

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