Thursday, December 23, 2010

In holidays mood

It's all time low. I have posted 7 postings only through December 23. In part, I was busy traveling in the last 2 months. The other reason is a lot of efforts needed now to uncover "undervalued" stocks. Since I am working on a very compressed schedule, it's time that I don't have.

It's Christmas time. It's time to slow things down a little and do a bit of reflection. I don't want to pretend to be religious and on and off you can see I am just an ordinary man -- capable of sinning or thinking/doing worldly things. But no matter what happen, I still have a duty to tell the world that God has given his only Son to the world. That is the greatest gift that mankind has ever received. I will remind myself constantly, instead of just sitting on the receiving end, we ought got to make some sacrifice, big or small, learn to give.

My family and I will take a few days off -- real time off. I asked my wife, what Christmas gift that will make her really happy yesterday. She told me, she will be very happy if I don't bring my notebook along during this Christmas break. My instant reaction was no way. I struggle a little bit, if that is what will make the whole family happy, why can't I sacrifice for them. After all, turning off the stock markets for a few days will have no material impact to my portfolio. If my work collapse by just turning off my notebook a few days, then I have not done my job as a manager. That mean I have not given enough time to coach my people year round. I know the stock market will not collapse, I know my portfolio will be OK, I know my people will be able to do things by themselves because I have spent enough time to coach them. So it's kind of irrational side of me wanting to feel in control. Well I suppose if I know the truth, the truth will set me free. Just learn to trust the One above, trust less on myself. Just give up wanting to control things. So, I told her that I will be gladly agree to her Christmas wish. I will not be bringing my notebook and business megazine and bring only Bible. They are so happy that I will give 100% of my time to them. I never see them this happy for a while. When I start giving, I am receiving as well. I am feeling very liberated.

To all bloggers out there, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I did benefited from some of the gossips, analysis, news curating, etc. I hope my sharing have benefited you all too.

It's time that I hit the pusblish post button, switch off my notebook and go holidays. Have a blessed Christmas.


eugene said...

Thank you for all that sharing........ God bless and have a great holiday

ana said...

Nice post, great style and thanks for sharing. Happy new year