Friday, December 31, 2010

Wrapping Up 2010

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Annualized compounded return for Turtle portfolio is about 10% or 0.857% per month. I don't take this result too seriously. It's just an indication that I have allocated the money in the right place in relative to our assets such as bond, money market, etc. Seeing how the seed money of 3,000 with diciplined monthly saving of 888(a few months were only 620) grow to almost 40,000 is coming from quite a long way.

I hope I can continue to head in the right direction in 2011 based the game plan that I have laid down(see my yesterday post). Cash level is quite close to 1/3. I am pretty much overweight China for whole of 2010. I am lucky that I have a few home runs to compensate for non performing Chinese related stocks or else I will be eating dust. I have no regrets and will need to continue to stay patient because the big cap Chinese stocks are cheap. It is selling for roughly 10X PE with double digit growth potential in the next few years.

I need to make some tough decisions to rebalance some of my holdings into high dividend stocks. Hmmmm ..... I have a few "dogs" that that I need to lighten up before 1H 2011 or I need to start buying high dividend stocks for whole of 2011.

I may have made a few wild swings but overall valuation and fundamentals approach have served me well.

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone A Happy 2011 New Year. Take Care !


Polite Market said...

I started to record at end of 2007, that the the hights of KLSE. Yours early 2008, only few months different. Hope we keep making money, All the best.

Remnant 613 said...

Happy New Year.
Do consider TDM, TH Plant into yr next year portfolio. Still paying good Dv. These two can buy and hold long term.
DIGI pays excellent Dv. TM pretty good too.
IF time permits, look into Kwantas fundamentals and price charts.
Hope 2011 be a prosperity year too.
Cheers mate...