Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Suvarnabhumi Airport – Fast becoming my favorite airport

I used to like Changi airport a lot. Free internet and reasonably price food. Clean and organized environment. But you are paying RM 800 plus for the airport tax. If you are transiting back-to-back, you are just paying a big sum of money for nothing.

We all know that the political turmoil in Thailand did affect their tourism quite a bit. I have no choice but ended up with very screw up connecting flight on Thai Airways. I have almost 7 hours of lay over in Suvarnabhumi Airport.

So I landed here at 8.40 am. After checking out from the plane, I proceeded to get my next boarding pass. Then checked into Louis’ Tavern dayrooms. Thai airlines surprised me with a complementary day room for my 7 hours transit. This is a great idea for traveler to refresh – shower and work.

I did some crazy thing after I checked into the room. Nice 3 star environment but much better than airport lounge, you can just put down all your luggage enjoying all the privacy privilege. I went for a Thai traditional massage, crazy thing I know. I have always skeptical to do that because I have always thought that they are not as good as those masseurs in down town and you get charge B 300 more. To my surprise again, she did a very good work out on my body. I feel like getting younger by 10 years after the massage. I was so satisfied that I tipped the masseur which you typically don’t do that when you get charged at higher price.

Went back to the room, I was not too sure whether my hunger play tricks on me. The complementary lunch was good. I got a very simple meal. Started with Zero Coke. Then they served me with really hot mushroom soup and a hot burn. Shortly after I whacked the starter, nice fragrant green curry chicken and steamy soft Thai rice arrived. Yummy.

Well it’s time to work but then……..there was this little problem. You have to go to the information counter to get your Wireless Internet Service. They only give you 15 minutes per voucher. Well, after having a great workout and filled up my stomach, I have nothing to complain. So I went back and forth between my room and information for 3 times to get that 45 minutes “free internet” access. But I have no complain because the receptionist was serving with big beautiful smiles (not too sure I was happy with the overall experience or the receptionist was really beautiful that playing tricks on me).

Can our KLIA be more creative instead of just giving away our income by reducing price? Changi will have to buck up too.

Got to go now! Sawadee Krup.

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