Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good morning Malaysia

Still could not sleep and now is 2.30 am here in the US. This is the second night that I'm in the US, still struggled with jet lag. I had barely 2 hours sleep yesterday. Got up 5 am and jogged around neighbourhood. Surrounded by pine and maple trees, occasionally greeted by a few deers. It's a very beautiful environment that may take me an hour to describe it. But you may still won't be able to get the picture. Damn, I forgot to bring my cellphone with camera. To work around that, I plucked a branch of maple tree and some grass to describe how refreshing is it when you are surrounded by green.

May 24, 2011

Air traffic turned upside down yesterday due to tornado in Chicago. It was a havoc when I traveled from Philadelphia to Boston. Did not reached hotel till 2.30 am, a delayed of close to 8 hours. We Malaysian take things for granted. We don't have to deal with uncertainty and natural disasters. Everyday looks the same, sun will show up every day. That makes us lazy and do not want to plan ahead.

In Japan, their people will have earthquake drill very frequently. In Disneyland Japan, their cast will do daily drill -- makes it one of the safest place in the world. They know that they can be attacked anytime and any day. That's why they are much more prepared mentally and physically than us.

Not all people behave the same. I don't like folks in the Philadelphia. They are very rude. When I went jogging in the morning, cars will still turn when the pedestrian light turn green. When I was in New Jersey the other day, cars will slow down when they saw me but in Philadelphia, fast cars like Ferrari or street cars will move faster and won't give a damn about me.

Just some random observations while on the road.

May 26, 2011

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