Thursday, May 19, 2011

More thoughts on renovation

Shit, my yesterday posting was a piece of shit, too many grammar mistakes. During normal times, when I take my leisure time to write them, there were a few mistakes here and there but yesterday piece was terrible.

I spend a lot of time on the road, seen enough 5 star hotels, restaurants, airports, spas, etc. That was my opening statement to all the people that I met. I told them please don't give me any idea that will look like that. Don't design my house anything like that. A house is a home. A home is a place that you can be yourself. I mean you are not going to be in tie and suit. It's a place, in my opinion, you can be half naked or in pagoda singlet(yeah like A-Pek) but who cares?

The important point, again it's only my opinion, you need to be completely honest with yourself how you spend your time at home. It's what I call 90/10. A lot of people spend 90 percent of money and efforts but those resources were underutilized. You use it only 10% of the time. If it's only to show off to your friends and relatives during your son or daughter weddings, Chinese New Year or some birthday parties, forget it. If you like, put a classic 911 or Ducati in your parking lot, driving it 12 times a year, it will have much much more powerful effects.

From my experience of running factories, one of the powerful concepts is 5S

SEIRI means Organisation or sorting
SEITON means straighten or prepare correctly
SEISO means Cleanup or Cleanliness
SEIKETSU means Standardisation
SHITSUKE means Discipline

Typically, the first step we did when launching 5S program was snapping photos all over the places. So I did that. I was shocked. Embarrassed but I must show it to whoever is going to design my furniture and solve those problems. I'm just going to pick on one example because it's not so good to wash dirty linens in public. Yeah, two of the uglier, ugliest places are actually my entertainment and working areas. That's because it has way too many wires. When I talked to the electricians the other day that I need at least 13 points for the my working area, he was shocked. I mentioned in my yesterday post there were 3 most important places in the house but it's 4 actually in today's modern lifestyle: living hall, kitchen, master bedroom and a computer room. If you have a nucleus family, there will be at least 3 - 4 computers there. If you take into consideration of notebooks, desktops, printers, table lights, handphone chargers, that will come out to that many points. If you have big enough space, try to separate your entertainment area from living area.....that way you will force people to talk or at least when you have guests, they don't have to glue to the TV or you have to scream at your kids........please lower your PSP volume!!!!!!!

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purblue said...

once you have solve your entertainment area with all the wire issue., share with us.

mine was bad too.! it become unsafe for all my kids to play in that area with all the wire here and there.

share some photo / solution with us later. :)