Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My favorite furniture

I'm sorry if I've turned this finance blog into some kind of social networking site. Can't help it. The market did not provide enough excitement for me to talk more about it. The movement of stock prices is only confine to a narrow group of stocks and it's very random. We don't get an environment of all the boats lifted by strong bull run tide.

So back to my renovation subject. Beside lighting, furniture plays a big part of the mood that we are going to create. I would want to spend enough time to shop around because I'm going spend a lot of time using it. Artistic expression and ergonomics designs are very important to me.

There are a few pieces of timeless furniture are well liked by me. Here are some of them:-

Eames lounger

Arco floor lamp

My old iMac

Barcelona chair

Egg chair

With the right composition, the house will look very 'cool', without breaking our piggy bank. I find that despite of their very modern lines, it can blend very well in classical designs as well.

Falling in love with these great designs is very easy, I just need to make sure that I space them properly without turning the house into a furniture shop. I will limit one design per one corner of the house - living hall, family hall, masterbed room, study room, tv room, etc..... Space is critical to let these pieces to provide strong focal points.


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Max clickpro said...

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Bilal Ahmad said...

What a Awesome designs and wonderful master pieces, i"m Loving them all