Sunday, May 8, 2011

Turtle Portfolio Update -- May 11

Added 888 saving to portfolio. There was some formula error in my spreadsheet, missed out a few months of capital and it has been corrected now. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. After corrected the mistake, portfolio stood at 22% gain.

Looks like commodities complex is correcting now.

The ringgit, which was weaker against the US dollar in the week just ended, is likely to retreat further next week to within the 3.0130 and 3.0200 levels, dealers said.

The local unit is also expected to see a further downside next week as demand is centered on the greenback, a dealer said.

"The market is liquidating long commodities and long Asian currencies now. This is expected to contribute to a weaker ringgit.

Read more: Ringgit likely to see further downside

This has set the tone of more equities weaknesses ahead. Like I said, we are going to see the consolidation, fluctuation within a band. It will move a bit lower but it will somehow find a support. It's also means that most likely it's a trader market for the next few months. A buy and hold portfolio like Turtle may be going no where but that is the objective of this portfolio so I will leave it alone.

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can share your excel sheet?
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